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Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet
...Videos of Classes and Concerts  !

Videos of Classes and Concerts 

It seemed interesting to upload videos taken during classes or Renée's a little bit particular live concerts, not necessarily for the quality of the shots or of the sound which sometimes are not as good as expected, but because they illustrate facets of her talent in areas without any other recorded traces: master classes and concerts dedicated to testify in France of the richness of Latin-American composers (and, in particular, Uruguayan) whether in the context of contemporary music,  that - just as much - in their popular foundations (see subjects of master classes).

You can find these videos by clicking below on  YT (YouTube), Dm (Dailymotion) or  Site (this site) :
- 01/09/2010  Ars Musicæ: Concierto para los niños de la LBV Espacio Renée Bonnet, Montevideo => YouTube o DailyMotion o Site
- 01/06/2010  Concierto EMCA: Momentos para Soprano, Flauta y Piano (1982)
Ensemble de Música Contemporánea - ASAB
Facultad de Artes-ASAB, Bogotá => YouTube o DailyMotion o Site
- 11/11/2009  Conciertos didacticos 2009 - Ars Musicæ Chamber Orchestra
sponsored by the MEC in its "Programa de Extensión Educativa"
Quinta del Arte - Espacio Renée Bonnet => YouTube o DailyMotion o Site
- 29/08/2007 "Renée Pietrafesa" CD presentation concert,
Acoustic, mixted, electroacousic musics and for theatre works
Sala Zitarrosa, Montevideo => YouTube o DailyMotion o Site 
- 15/08/2007 Y llegará otro viento fresco (reinterpretation) - Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet
Cuña publicitaria de Renée Pietrafesa
LosDesiertosDeSonora, Zurdos.TV
Zurdos.TV (vimeo.com)
=>zurdos.tv o Site
=>zurdos.tv o Site
- 20/12/2002 Tiempo del corazón - Recital Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet (Maison de l'Amérique latine, Paris) => YouTube o DailyMotion o Site
- 14/12/2000 Traditional, popular and contemporary musics of the Uruguay (Concert de fin d'année, Paris) => YouTube o DailyMotion o Site
- 17/11/2000 Uruguay s/Seine : Melodies and musics of the Uruguay (Péniche Daphné, Paris) => YouTube o DailyMotion o Site
- 12/01/1996  Récital de piano : Contemporary music of South America (Master Class, Grand-Couronne, France) => YouTube o DailyMotion o Site